Learning Commons Spaces


Visualize a model for a Learning Commons environment.

What comes to mind?
1. Coffee shop
2. Computer/technology store
3. Environment where kids feel relaxed and receptive.
4. Observations kids playing with devices, enjoying beverages and snacks, discussing, learning, hanging out and being themselves.
5. Spaces that foster camaraderie and collaboration.

Learning Commons Furniture

1. Light weight
2. Easily Reconfigured
3. Creates distinctive areas of learning
4. Creates collaboration with several technology devices
5. Ten year warranty - Promotes sustainability
6. Eclectic styles of furniture -engages several learning environments
7. Fabrics- Highly durable - bright engaging colors
8. Furniture design creates open , inviting environments
9. Facilitate all demographic groups - young to Old
10. Inspire creativity

Typical Layouts